About Us

Company Profile

Tem Ofset was formed in 1963 as a family company in the traditional printing district of Cağaloğlu in Istanbul. Tem Ofset was one of the first printers in Turkey to use offset technology and has remained at the forefront of implementing new innovations by strictly following a policy of continual development. This is something that is not only applied to the plant but also to developing and improving customer satisfaction as well. All departments of the company are committed to providing customers with the best products , with the best lead times and at the most competitive prices.

Commencing in 1983 the company setted it’s goals towards fast emerging cardboard packaging sector. This resulted in Tem Ofset being not only at the forefront of producing printed cardboard packaging for the Turkish market but also with it’s continual investments at the new plant , rewarded a large overseas market as well.

Tem Ofset now manufactures folding cartons for the pharmaceutical , confectionery , and tobacco sectors.

Tem Ofset is concentreted on high value added cases with special finishing such as hot foil , window patching , emboss , deboss , security print , local varnishing , micro embossing and all kinds of special gluing technics.

Our motto is QUALITY&VISION .