About Us

Quality policy

TEM OFSET, which, together with all its employees, remains dynamic with its technology compatibility and stable development,

It meets customer expectations at the highest level by producing on time and above product standards with effective design studies.

It provides a clean and healthy working environment as a complement to the activities of its customers in hygienic conditions in order to ensure production under the necessary conditions in the food safety chain.

It shows that it is environmentally friendly with the efficient use of all resources and the control of waste.

In order to provide a healthy and safe working environment, it takes risk assessments and necessary precautions in order to eliminate or minimize hazards and possible occupational diseases.

Tem Ofset, which works with the awareness of its social responsibility and complies with all relevant legal regulations and national and international specifications requested by its customers, increases awareness with trainings, continuously improves and inspects the management system it establishes with human and financial resources, is commited to produce quality product, making it one of the most successful manufactures in the eyes of its customers, employees and shareholders.